The fact is, Plum Tree Realty offers everything they offer—for less.

“Does your broker feel entitled to your money?” There’s a really important reason why I’m asking this question. Most brokers seem to feel entitled to the money of their agents, but they shouldn’t because you worked hard for your money. Your broker didn’t work for your money—you worked for your money.

So the question is, why are you giving so much of your money to your broker? The right way to look at your broker fees is to understand that they are just an expense item on your profit and loss statement. At Plum Tree Realty, the total cost for an agent to do business with us is just $3,300 per year for the entire year. That’s what our agents cap out at, and that’s about a 10th of the cost of most other brokerages.

“Why are you giving so much of your money to your broker?”

So here’s how you can find out if your broker feels entitled to your money. Set up a meeting with your broker, and ask if they would be willing to match what we charge our agents at Plum Tree Realty. If you ask your broker that, most likely, your broker will get defensive. Many of them will get angry at that question, but as soon as they get angry, you know, they think your money is their money. You can tell if they feel entitled to your money if they get argumentative, defensive, or angry. So you have to ask, “Why are you paying all that money?”

Your broker might say, “Well, you need us to sell more homes,” but that’s not true. The reality is Plum Tree agents sell nearly 70% more homes per agent per year than nearly all of our competitors.

Some of these brokers will say, “Well, you don’t want to go to Plum Tree Realty; they’re just a discount brokerage,” but that’s not true either. We are a full-service brokerage, and many agents who come to us from the big brokerages say we have even better service for our agents and for our clients than the brokerages that claim to be these full-service brokerages.

Your broker might say, “Well, you need us for marketing support,” but that’s not true either. We do as much or more marketing support for our agents still at just a 10th of the cost. We even have custom graphic design for our agents at no additional cost. Does your broker provide that?

Your broker might say, “Well, you need our big fancy office,” but 86% of Realtors don’t even go to an office. Why pay all that money for an office that you’re not using? Plum Tree does have five office locations all around Cincinnati, and we have office space available in all of our different markets.

Your broker might say, “Well, we have to spend all this money because of technology,” and that’s not true. The reality is at Plum Tree, we provide KV Core Software, which is one of the best software packages in the country for our agents. We also provide Dot Loop and any kind of other software to help our agents build their businesses.

But your broker might say, “Well, it costs a lot of money to do all this training,” but we also provide training for our agents at a fraction of the cost. We offer Rebus University to our agents, which allows them to get $10,000 worth of classes and eight different certifications.

At Plum Tree Realty, our agents pay $275 a month. They keep 100% of their commissions. At the end of the year, the total payment for our brokerage would be $3,300. If you don’t like making those monthly payments, we have other options available for you as well.

I’d love to chat with you. If you’d like to set up a free one-hour coaching session, make sure to hit the link. I’d love to meet with you and talk about how we can double your business over the next 12 months.